Intimacy Kit


Uniting our Masculine and Feminine aspects, whether in the Sacred, intimate embrace of our lover or through ceremonial union within ourselves, these mysts celebrate the Divine expression of love and intimacy.   

Wild Divine

  • 'Balance' and dive deep into the Sacred Mystery of the Divine Feminine 
  • TOTEM ~ Octopus, offers the mutli-faceted depth of it's adaptable and flexible intelligence 
  • SCENT ~ deep and complex floral notes balanced with an earthy base

Tantric Rose  

  • 'Intimacy' to bridge the Feminine and the Masculine, merging our Sacred sanctum with purity
  • TOTEM ~ Fire Serpent initiates us in riding the Love wave of union through harmony
  • SCENT ~ a chocolate sensual indulgence with a smooth vanilla afterglow. Love in a bottle!


  • 'Dreams' are accessed via grounding first. This is the Myst of the Divine Masculine. 
  • TOTEM ~ Raven, explores the deep mysteries of our psyche, the shadow aspect of ourselves. 
  • SCENT ~ deep earthy flavours of the soil, with grounding scents of tobacco and cedar

3 x 100mls