Our Pureheart Alchemy Beauty range is a selection of luxurious Sacred oils sourced for their potent abilities to beautify and nourish the skin. Filled with skin-loving essential oils and liquid gold, they calm, awaken and cleanse your energetic-field. This luscious combination transforms your beauty regime into a frequency-shifting, emotionally-uplifting, aromatic experience. 

We have experimented on ourselves for years at home with all sorts of natural oil creations and healing remedies and were being asked to share these with our friends. Knowing that, through the ages, women and men have turned to Nature for its healing, nourishing, soothing and regenerative qualities; we wanted to create a range which feeds your skin with the best ingredients nature has to offer from all over the world. And we also wanted to create a range which aromatically and energetically feeds your soul and senses everyday through the heightened connection to the scent and spirit of Nature's Wild side.



Vital Eyes ~ 'The Immortelle Plum Dragon'

Nicknamed 'The Immortelle Plum Dragon', this eye serum is packed with nutrient-rich ingredients to reduce puffy eyes and soothe and calm the delicate skin around the eye. Immortelle (Helichrism), Kakadu Plum and Dragons Blood were picked specifically for their antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and vitamin-rich potency. With a soothing Aloe Vera base, we feel we've created one of the best eye serums on Gaia's Sacred garden!




Silken Veils 

This range contains four of the highest quality skin oils used by women and men from ancient cultures around the world. Long known for their nourishing and beautifying qualities as well as their quick absorption. These include: 

~ Camellia Seed oil (famously known for its use by the Japanese Geishas to remove their white makeup and maintain their silky soft skin)
~ Moringa Seed oil (used by the Egyptians and is best known for its remarkable stability, its quick absorption into the skin as well as being nutrient dense)
~ Hemp Seed oil (this plant has been in use for 10,000 years. The oil is loaded with Omega 3,6,9 and is anti-inflammatory and protects the skin from losing water)
~ Black Seed oil (known as 'blessed seed' this oil has long been used by the Arabic women for its health benefits and healing ability)

Perfect for all skin types, Silken Veils have four different scents which nourish your skin, each with their own aromatic profile. These combinations are purposefully created to Awaken, Refresh, Sensualise or Calm your field. 


~ KafeAmour is an awakening coffee-scented oil that is a delicious wake-me-up to your skin. The essential oils are picked for their stimulating and cell building affect on the skin. Drink your coffee in two ways each morning with this gorgeous blend!


~ FlorAmour is a refreshing floral-scented oil which gently hydrates the skin for a radiant glow. Selected with floral essential oils, including Ylang Ylang, Chamomile and Immortelle, these scents create a feeling of trust and a lifting-of-spirit to spring into your day. 


~ ChocAmour is a sensual love-filled chocolate indulgence! Bathe your face in cacao-bliss with this enriching blend. Choc-full of antioxidants to moisturise and nourish the skin. Cacao/Chocolate has traditionally been known to open the heart and awaken sensuality. Beautiful to start your day or maybe seduce yourself or your lover into the evening...


~ RoseAmour is a calming, gentle blend for sensitive skins and also used by any skin type to calm and soothe the nervous system. This blend has a lower essential oil content and the oils chosen were selected for their calming affect on body and mind. This blend is perfect for any skin type before meditation or sleep.