SoulSong Perfume is a Sacred infusion ~ an aromatic portrait ~ intentionally created for your unique Alchemy. SoulSong is designed to help you unfurl on a variety of levels ~ to deliciously assist you in your evolutionary path of manifestation, specific to this time in your journey.

Each signature infusion is hand-crafted and specifically aligned with your Soul essence, your prayerful intentions and your energetic blueprint. There is a magical purpose with the SoulSong Perfumes as they are designed to assist you in aligning with your SoulSelf. Our Spirits work together with the Sacred and rare Flower Spirits to co-create through an energetic Signature blend, aligned just for you. 

SoulSong Perfume includes 2 different elements which are co-created between you and Adrian: 

~ 100ml SoulSong Myst (a blend of Flower Essences, essential oils, vibrationally tuned Wild Spring Water, 24K Gold Ormus and Potentised Crystals) 

~ 30ml SoulSong Perfume (a perfumic infusion of essential oils, intensifying your scented pathway to your Higher Self)

SoulSong Signatures are an intimate dance between the subtle vibrational frequencies of the plant world and you. In this intuitive creation, our Spirits converge together in the Pureheart Sanctuary and the flowers single themselves stand out and call your name as those that want to work with you on this part of your journey. Additionally I connect in with your dreams, your preferences, your Spirit ... and bring through a signature scent that is unique to your energetic Blueprint and celestial palate. This ceremony of creation is imbibed with your frequency messages of intention to bring forth a magical infusion of purpose and beauty. It is a sublime gift, and I feel incredibly honored to be the conduit of this powerful Aromatic Portrait of you, and for your growth and pleasure.      ~ Adrian Anteros

Each SoulSong Signature includes: 

SoulSong Myst

~ in alignment with how our Pureheart Alchemy Mysts are made, the SoulSong Myst is a blend of Sacred Flower Essences, Essential Oils, Wild Artesian Spring Water, Energised Crystals and various Frequency Energy Modalities, all tailored to your unique expression, and called in to assist you at this specific time of this co-creation.   

~ the SoulSong Myst is designed to be sprayed into your energetic field and around your body, at any time, to connect with the frequency of the flowers spirits which chose to work with you to. These frequencies affect the Subtle Body field to bring us back to centre and balance, and work with the specifically designed Scent to still ourselves in the moment, allowing deeper connection with your Higher Self.   

SoulSong Perfume

~ the beauty of the Aromatic Essential Oils which are designed in your SoulSong Myst, are delivered directly here in their sublime, intense, strength and purity, in your SoulSong Perfume. When you spray your SoulSong Myst, your field shifts in Frequency as you take in the vibration of the Flower Essences. Each time you spray, your brain remembers this subtle shift through the power of the Scent of your Myst, which bypasses your Limbic Brain straight into your memory centre. (some people remember their first loves or their grandparents when they smell certain scents). The power of the SoulSong perfume is that is can reawakened your Self to your connection to Spirit and intentions through scent alone, along with being an indulgence of Beauty and Pleasure. 

~ SoulSong Perfume is designed to be dabbed any time of the day on pulse points of the neck, wrists, heart, ankles, back of neck and spine along with meridian lines of the body.

SELF~LOVE is the Key Ingredient in the Co-Creative process of SoulSong Signatures. 

Desire and Intention is the beginning of everything we manifest in the world. So it is with SoulSong Signatures

We begin with your Intention of what you would like to create next for yourself in your beautiful journey with Mother Gaia. 

This powerful blend synergised together through Scent-sense-Awareness: a Conscious Collaboration between you and Nature's energetic-elements to allow your blooming within your own Garden of Being.