Beauty Travel Kit


Our Beauty Travel Kit is a great way to sample our flavour-filled Skin range. These creations are generously packed with moisture enhancing plant nourishment, straight from the Sacred halls of beauty into our modern lifestyle. Why try one when you can 'sample all' before indulging in our bigger bottles. Keep this mini-pack in your bag for travel, to fill your field and skin, with divine scents throughout the day, or take to your beautician when you have your favourite facial!  
The Silken Veils Facial oils are designed to nourish and quench the skin and maintain a youthful glow. Bringing together a potent blend of 100% Certified Organic ancient oils, picked for their skin beautifying qualities, Combined with Vital Eyes - our superhero for puffy eyes! - this is a perfect pack for rejuvenation and sensual skin love.  

Beauty Travel Kit includes:
4 x Silken Veils Facial Oils [10ml)
1 x Vital Eyes, Eye Serum [10ml]
- 'The Immortal Plum Dragon'

Key Ingredients ~ four ancient Sacred Seed oils combine to create a powerful base for each of the Silken Veils flavours - Hemp, Camellia, Moringa and Black Seed Oils have been used by women as beauty enhancing emollients for centuries

Immortelle, Kakadu Plum and Dragons Blood give our Vital Eyes Serum it's vibrant nickname - The Immortal Plum Dragon! This firming trio combines with the soothing and cooling qualities of a gentle Aloe Vera base

Scent ~ Chocolate, Coffee, Floral and Rose give Silken Veils four delicious flavour-portraits, to soothe, stimulate, awaken and sensualise.  

Vital Eyes has a fresh and light scent for a calming, yet revitalising experience for the eyes

Use ~ suitable for all skin types. First apply 1-2 squirts of Vital Eyes onto fingertip and gently dab around the orbital area around the eyes. Followed by apply 2-3 squirts of any Silken Veils Beauty Oil and gentle smooth onto face, neck and décolletage for a radiant glow

We ❤️  to take our Beauty Travel Kit when we travel away from home. Having such moisture holding serums and oils at hand is a skin-saver in the dry desert of aeroplanes, offices, air-conditioning. These mini-elixirs bring life back to dry skin  anywhere, anytime!

We ❤️  have this kit on hand in our bags always. Whether we're dropping in on a Cacao ceremony, having coffee in good company, slipping into a meditation evening or refreshing our senses in a garden, this kit offers an energy shifting experience for all activities....