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i-Amour-you, pack includes:

1 x Pureheart Alchemy Myst ~ Tantric Rose 100ml
1 x Pureheart Alchemy Silken Veils [ Facial Oil ] ChocAmour 50ml

❤️  Gift-wrapped, with  love

Indulge your Beloved to-the-max this Valentine's Day with a deep chocolate bliss-kiss!


Tantric Rose is a chocolate kiss in a bottle! It is the Myst of 'Intimacy' and opens up the Love Channels, and bathes us in new experiences of subtle sensitivities, and sensations. Abundant with a deep aroma of Chocolate and Myrrh, these Sacred scents were used historically to open the heart. These are coupled with Passionflower and Apothecary Rose flower essences, both which elevate you to the highest vibration of love. 

❤️  Spray this bliss-Myst and scent up a room and create the allure of intimacy before a romantic encounter... 
❤️  Bathe your skin in it's sexy scent to entice your lover into your arms...
❤️  Myst yourself with the sublime scent of cacao, for a sensual dance in summer!


Silken Veils [ Facial Oil ] ChocAmour is a delicious Chocolate-scented facial oil to seduce the senses while keeping the skin glistening and radiant. Overflowing with the sensual aromatic perfume of chocolate, this love-infusion is designed to open the heart and calm the nervous system naturally, making this scent-seducing bliss bath, a favourite in our tribe! 

❤️  Smooth this sublime-scent over your skin and give your skin a gorgeous-glow before an evening of being romanced and danced... 
❤️  Massage in this sexy scent to entice your lover in some neck-nibbling!
❤️  Rub on the sublime scent of cacao anytime... to bathe in glistening skin you want to drink in! 


PANA CHOCOLATE Rose is love in a box. This is PANA's most divine creation yet! Made with Rose essential oil, the highest frequency flower oil, this chocolate opens your heart and perfumes your tastebuds with the delicious flavour of Rose.

❤️  Melt in your mouth  s l o w l y,  and savour every magical moment!


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