Mini-Mysts Membership


Mini-Mysts Membership is an opportunity to sample all twenty-two Pureheart Alchemy Mysts and bring their magical, energy-shifting frequency into your daily life and personal journeys. Take your time to discover the entire range of differing qualities, powerful totems and unique characteristics of each Myst, with two sample bottles delivered to your door every month.
Our Pureheart Alchemy Mysts have great depth with multiple therapeutic processes layered into each Myst. Due to their profoundly energetic nature, we invite you to explore each archetypal blend and unveil the way each myst can best support you in the changing aspects of your personal growth.  
If you want to 'try all the mysts', this is a perfect way to experience them, 
~ in sacred rituals and personal practices 
~ before meditations, yoga, intentional exercises 
~ clearing during times of stress
~ bring them into your everyday routines
'Discover your portal' over 12 months with these hand-crafted bottles, uniquely created only for Mini-Myst Members.

As a Mini-Myst Member you will receive:

  • 2 x 50ml Mini-Mysts each month
  • 10% OFF any Pureheart Alchemy creations 
  • 10% OFF any Pureheart Alchemy events

Benefits of being a Mini-Myst Member:

  • Get to know two new Mysts every month
  • Handy size to drop in your handbag or during travel
  • Explore all twenty-two Mysts in your own time and sacred space
  • Spontaneous secret surprises dropped into your package every now and then!
  • Collect all twenty-two handy 50ml size bottles, only available with a Mini-Myst Membership
  • Receive 10% OFF any additional purchases (except SoulSong perfume).
  • Receive FREE SHIPPING on additional purchases (only within Australia)
  • As part of our Mini-Myst Membership receive 10% OFF any of our events, including Plant Education workshops, Sound Healing Journeys and Plant Concerts.

Delivery, order dates and payment terms:

  • You will receive your first two Mini-Mysts shortly after purchasing
  • Your second order will be sent (and charged) on the 10th of each month 
  • During your subscription term, you are entitled to 10% OFF all Pureheart Alchemy creations. Simply let us know by the 10th of each month and we will add these to your Mini-Mysts order. 
  • You can cancel anytime. 

 "Discover your Portal" ... one month at a time.