Silken Veils [ Facial Oil ] ChocAmour


ChocAmour is a delicious facial oil, choc-full of antioxidant-rich plant extracts and moisture enhancing ingredients, to nourish and quench the skin and maintain a youthful glow,. Combined with the sensual aromatic perfume of chocolate, this love-infusion is designed to open the heart and calm the nervous system naturally, making this scent-seducing bliss bath, a favourite in our tribe!
Bringing together a potent blend of 100% Certified Organic ancient oils, picked for their skin beautifying qualities, these sacred oils have been used for millennia across the world - from the priestess of Egypt to the Geisha's of Japan - all famed for their fine skin. Combined with the ancient Peruvian scent of Cacao, this sophisticated and super-absorbant face oil, this moisture enhancing blend, this is a sublime experience for you - and your skin - to drink in.

Key Ingredients ~ Immortelle, Myrrh, Frankincense, Sea Buckthorn. Moringa and Camellia Seed oil create deep moisture enhancing nutrition for your skin, leaving a silky glow. Hemp oil increase elasticity. and 24K Gold Ormus regenerates cells and brightens skin.  

Scent ~ delicious and decadent, ChocAmour is a sublimely seductive love-bomb for your skin and senses!

Use ~ suitable for all skin types, apply 2-3 squirts onto fingertips and massage into face, neck and décolletage for a radiant glow

We ❤️  to take ChocAmour to Cacao Ceremony's to double-up our choc-indulgence ... or perfect to use anytime to satisfy your cacao-cravings! (hint, 70% of our taste buds are in our nose!)

We ❤️  to add a few drops to our favourite Organic non-scented body moisturiser, for a nourishing, complete and delicious oil-and-water skin treatment!


INGREDIENTS [ 100% Certified Organic ] ~ 

Love, Camelia Seed oil, Hemp Seed oil, Black Cumin oil, Moringa Seed oil, Essential Oils*, Cacao extract, 24K Gold Ormus

* Essential Oils
Immortelle ~ Chamomile ~ Ylang Ylang ~ Sea Buckthorn ~ Frankincense ~ Lavender ~ Myrrh ~ Vetiver