Silken Veils [ Facial Oil ] FlorAmour


FlorAmour is a nectar for radiant skin, with 100% Certified Organic oils specifically chosen for their ability to hydrate the derma layers of the skin. Packed with floral-fresh essential oils and anti-oxidants which promote new cell-growth and repair the sebum layers, this facial oil is an excellent moisturiser and reduces the symptoms of aging. 
Using 4 ancient Seed oils which have been traditonally used by women for beauty and cleansing, and to promote supple, soft and smooth skin. These base oils have been hand-picked for their fast absorption and history in creating a youthful and moist complexion. 

Key ingredients ~ Essential oils of Palmarosa and Neroli maintain moisture balance with anti=bacterial qualities, while Patchouli tones, making your complexion brighter and tighter. 24K Gold Ormus improves elasticity and smoothness of skin. 

Use ~ for all skin types, apply 2-3 squirts onto fingertips and massage into face, neck and décolletage for a moisturised and radiant glow. 

Scent ~ garden-fresh floral accents of Palmarosa, Neroli, Patchouli and Grapefruit blend with Vetiver and Frankincense to finish with an earthy base. This selection specifically soothes and calms the nervous system while opening the heart for an experience of calm in the garden.

We ❤️  to add a few drops to a warm, damp facecloth to clean the skin of deep oil buildup in the pores, leaving the skin with a soft and silky texture.

We ❤️  to add one squirt of Vital Eyes, Eye Serum to FloraAmour and apply to entire face for a lighter oil-and-water combo for tighter skin tone and a radiant glow.

INGREDIENTS [ 100% Certified Organic ] ~ 

Love, Camelia Seed oil, Hemp Seed oil, Black Cumin oil, Moringa Seed oil, Essential Oils*, 24K Gold Ormus

*Essential Oils
Palmarosa ~ Ylang Ylang ~ Myrrh ~ Patchouli ~ Immortelle ~ Sea Buckthorn ~ Frankincense ~ Grapefruit ~ Neroli ~ Vetiver