SoulSong Perfume ~ your Signature Scent


Each SoulSong Perfume includes: 
100ml SoulSong Myst

~ in alignment with how our Pureheart Alchemy Mysts are made, the SoulSong Myst is a blend of Sacred Flower Essences, Essential Oils, Wild Artesian Spring Water, Energised Crystals and various Frequency Energy Modalities, all tailored to your unique expression, and called in to assist you at this specific time of this co-creation.   

30ml SoulSong Perfume

~ the beauty of the Aromatic Essential Oils which are designed in your SoulSong Myst, are delivered directly here in their sublime, intense, strength and purity, in your SoulSong Perfume. When you spray your SoulSong Myst, your field shifts in Frequency as you take in the vibration of the Flower Essences. Each time you spray, your brain remembers this subtle shift through the power of the Scent of your Myst, which bypasses your Limbic Brain straight into your memory centre (some people remember their first loves or their grandparents when they smell certain scents). The power of the SoulSong Perfume is that it can reawaken your Self to your connection to Spirit and intentions through scent alone, along with being an indulgence of Beauty and Pleasure. 


These unique aromatic portraits are designed to stimulate and activate the wellbeing of your Spirit.