Vital Eyes [ Eye Serum ]


Vital Eyes is an original blend 100% Certified Organic pure botanicals to soothe, nourish and firm the eye area of the skin. Selected for their potency these Native Plant extracts are blended to hydrate, revitalise and soften.
An Aloe Vera base was chosen for it's cooling and gentle affect on the skin and is an excellent foundation for it's healing affect on the skin. Bursting with loads of anti-aging nutrients, this serum is designed to protect the skin, create elasticity and promote new cell growth, leaving a gorgeous silky finish for glowing, vibrant eyes. 

Key Ingredients ~ Nicknamed "The Immortal Plum Dragon" for it's 3 powerful anti-inflammatory ingredients - Immortelle, Kakadu Plum and Dragon's Blood - our Superheroes against puffy eyes. Infused with the stimulating affect of Green Tea extract and the uplifting gentle scent of Sea buckthorn to awaken and refresh the skin.  

Use ~ morning and night after cleansing, apply 1 squirt to the fourth (ring) finger of each hand, Gently pad on the orbital skin area around the eye.

Scent ~ neutral aroma with a hint of fresh citrus and soft caramel notes

We ❤️  adding 1 squirt of Vital Eyes to 2-3 squirts of Silken Veils facial oil. Mix these together in your palm or fingers and apply to entire face, neck and décolletage area for a light, yet hydrating, blend which both tightens the pores and moisturises the skin. 


INGREDIENTS [ 100% Certified Organic ] 

Love, Aloe Vera Gel, Kakadu Plum, Dragons Blood, Immortelle, Green Tea, Grapefruit Seed, Sea Buckthorn, 24K Gold Ormus