Enlighten`me ~ Deepening the Rhythms of our Inner Knowing


Representing the bliss that is inherent in every moment, Enlighten`me is the manifestation of the joy to be found in quietude. Feeling into sensations which transmute into one's fully expressed potential, this myst is perfect for prayerful and meditative practices. 


  • Moving to the rhythm of inner knowing and outer circumstances
  • Going within in order to consult One’s own Higher Intelligence
  • Unifies the heart and mind as eternal lovers
  • Maintaining your Personal Power while encouraging relaxing into states of Euphoria
  • Offering us the opportunity to gracefully live in the present

TOTEM ~ Swan 

  • Dreaming the depths of Being
  • Connection to the elements
  • Fluidity of creativity
  • 'Paramahamsa' - one who dwells in supreme consciousness  is the Supreme Swan

SCENT ~ fruity, fresh and light, with a soft touch of Apricot and Lavender, which assists in activating higher levels of consciousness into Seeds of Transformation

We ❤️ Enlighten`me as a gentle guide before meditation. We spray our alter, meditation pillow and room to set the space for intuition to flow...


Love, Wild Spring Water, Biodynamic Flower and Gemstone Essences, Organic Vodka, Organic Solubiliser (Coconut and Almond), 24K Gold Ormus, Potentiated Crystals

Flower Essences
Lotus ~ Belladonna ~ Apothecary Rose ~ Passionflower

Essential Oils
Ylang Ylang ~ Cedarwood ~ Cypress ~ Amyris Wood ~ Lavender ~ Oak Moss ~ Peru Balsam ~ Patchouli



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