What is the purpose of using Flower Essences in Pureheart Alchemy Mysts ? 
Everything in life has a frequency unique to itself, like a fingerprint. The flower frequencies are a plant’s invisible “song”. These frequencies have been made famous by Edward Bach who created Bach Flower Essences in the 1920’s. Each of our flower essences are created using hand collected Wild Spring water and Biodynamic plants grown at the Pureheart Palace. The flower frequency combinations in each of the Pureheart Alchemy creations are carefully selected to deliver unique messages, which enhance your resonant energy field in a specific direction of healing.

How are the Mysts made ? 
Each Myst is lovingly created in small hand-made batches ~ from flower to fragrance ~ with layers of alchemy and love in accordance with nature. We bring in biodynamic flower essences, wild spring water hand-collected from the World Heritage Blue Mountains, along with Certified Organic and Therapeutic Grade essential oils, crystals, 24K Gold Ormus and Sound~Light~Wave frequency. The unique process has been developed over a decade and is unique to Pureheart Alchemy. 

Can I use more than one Pureheart Alchemy Myst at a time ?
Yes of course, many of our clients already do. However if you are new to our Mysts, we recommend that in order to fully experience the complex notes and frequencies of each, that you enjoy the expanse of one Myst at a time. This is a generous spiritual pleasure and a great way to get acquainted with each of our unique Pureheart Alchemy Mysts.

Are Pureheart Alchemy Mysts and Beauty range safe for pregnant, breastfeeding, children or pets ?
Caution should be taken as we use essential oils in the Mysts and alcohol in the Essence range. Always consult a clinical professional before use for peace of (heart and) mind. 

Do your products contain any synthetic ingredients ? 
No. We only use pure and natural ingredients.
No synthetics, no chemicals, no fillers. Only tested on human beings.

Do your Mysts contain alcohol ? 
Yes. We have a small amount of Organic Alcohol in our Mysts, Essences and our Medicina de flores is based in Organic Vodka. This is to preserve the ingredients in the Essences and help with the functionality of the Mysts.

Can the Mysts be used with pharmaceutical medicines ? 
Due to the essential oil component used in Pureheart Alchemy Mysts, always consult your medical advisor or doctor. It's important to learn more about Essential Oils and work with an educated practitioner as some oils in the Mysts may indeed help your wellbeing and your transition back to health.  



Can I purchase your products at other locations ? 
Yes, we have supporters around Australia spreading the Pureheart L O V E … however, not all supporters hold all 22 of our creations. Please check out our Ambassadors page and contact them for their range. Otherwise, the full range is available to shop online exclusively through our Emporium.

What payment system do you use ?
Pureheart Alchemy uses the Stripe Payment Gateway. Stripe specifically focuses on providing the technical fraud protection and banking infrastructure required to operate online payment systems and is totally secure. For more information:

How long does my product take to arrive ? 
For most locations within Australia, shipping will be 2-4 days. For Western Australia and some regional areas, shipping will take 7-10 days. 

What if I am not home when the package arrives ? 
We don't deliver to PO boxes, so we ask that you choose a home or work address where your package is able to be delivered during business hours. If someone is unable to sign for it, your Fastway Courier/AusPost representative will leave a calling card for you to arrange re-delivery/pickup. 

What is your refund policy ? 
Please choose your Mysts carefully as we are unable to refund due to change of mind. However, if the product is received damaged en route or despatched incorrectly, please contact us as soon as possible.

What if my product is broken in transit ?   
If this happens, we will solve it quick smart. We always inspect items before they leave the Pureheart Sanctuary and, although damage en route is unlikely, if it does happen please keep the goods and packaging and contact us as soon as possible. In order to send you a replacement, we require you to contact us within 14 days of purchase.   

I have a question which hasn't been answered here...
Feel free to contact us with your question and we will do our best to answer it promptly (in between waterings and flower lullabies!)