The Mysts are beyond words in the level of love and care that go into each one...

"After working with over 3 million people and traveling the world giving seminars on transformation, I have learned that the power of taste and smell bypasses logic straight to the heart of us as human beings. These mysts are a major supporting tool for the transformation of any space, feelings, and immediate connection to the sweetness of mother earth. The Mysts are beyond words in the level of love and care that go into each one. Carefully crafted to support the experience of the user. They are a transformational tool in themselves to support people in the journey into the amazing world that lies within each of us. Hands down an amazing piece of art in each bottle. If you love transformational work, or just love the smell of bliss, you will love these tools."  

Jeffrey Slayter
Best Selling author, Entrepreneur, Speaker

My favourite Myst is... Perception







Forget any other spray you have used. These trump the rest!

“I have been using Pureheart Alchemy Mysts for almost 12 months now and believe they are one of the most effective sprays and cleansing tools I have ever come across. Not only do they smell gorgeous and ‘otherworldly’, but they also feel energetically very healing and light. They immediately transform my energy into a better vibration and I use them regularly for cleansing my healing space and myself after client sessions.

As an Energy healer and Coach, I need to ensure my space is clear and connected. The sprays do this perfectly and match (if not exceed) the effectiveness of white sage – a common herb used by Native American Indians to transmute negative energy. I know the sprays undergo a very specific process to achieve their vibration and I also know the ingredients (oils, shells, flowers etc) are world class and farmed ethically.

I love these Mysts and recommend them to anyone for daily use, but especially anyone in the healing field who needs the energy and vibration of divine consciousness. Forget any other spray you have used. These ones trump the rest of them!"

Debbie Pask
Owner, Healer and Coach @ Rezinate Foundation

My favourite Myst is ... Sacred Sage 

Pureheart assists you in reconnecting with your own highest vibration...

"I've been using Pureheart Alchemy Mysts in my private practice and workshops for a couple of years now. I can't recommend them highly enough, it's Plant Spirit Medicine in a bottle.

The integrity and love with which these essence are made, really allows for the healing frequencies of the flowers and plants to have a tangible effect in restoring balance, healing and love. Whether you are use in it on a person or a space you will notice the vibrations raise.

Surrounding yourself with higher frequencies like Pureheart Alchemy assists you in reconnecting with your own highest vibration, the blueprint of your Spirit, that which is pure joy, health, abundance and LOVE."

Carmen Morales
Shamanic Practitioner and Teacher

My favourite Myst is ... Peruvian

They are like a transformational shamanic journey in a bottle. 

“Pureheart Alchemy Mysts are phenomenal! I always use them in my sound healing journeys and find they are a powerful catalyst in guiding my clients to a much deeper healing experience.

They are like a transformational shamanic journey in a bottle. I highly recommend them for meditation, healing, or everyday wellbeing."

Matt Omo
Sound Healer and Owner @ Be Still Chill

My favourite Myst is... Solar Gold

A life supporting and transforming product that I highly recommend...

"I was gifted a Pureheart Alchemy Mysts five years ago. ‘Virtue’ was my constant companion especially when on overseas pilgrimage. Whilst in France, I often encountered challenging energies and the Mysts were my soul survivor kit! I would use it regularly at so many sacred sites and holy wells, but especially for cleansing and purifying my own subtle anatomy. In all of my endeavours, the Mysts have become my foremost tool and asset.

The truly gifted Adrian Anteros has produced in the fullness of love and integrity a divine product, with essences that create a profoundly gentle and beautiful, yet powerful impact on the heart and soul. The further evolution of the Essences, especially ‘Jewells’ and ‘Wild Divine’ have continued to enthrall and inspire me on my personal journey. Adding the pieces of crystal into the Essences was pure genius.

A life supporting and transforming product that I highly recommend - heavenly Mysts, most mystical!"

Gerry Taylor-Wood
Creator of Grail Haven Water, Essences and Sacred Pilgrimages

My favourite Myst is ... Virtue

I use them daily in my healing practice with my clients...

“I love the Pureheart Alchemy Mysts. They smell amazing and last for a very long time. They have the effect of making me feel tranquil and protected. Once I’ve sprayed it around my aura I instantly feel uplifted and revitalized. I use them daily in my healing practice with my clients who comment on how good they feel with the Mysts. I use Sacred Sage often with my space clearing - I feel the negative energy lift almost immediately.
I also take Sacred Sage with me when I'm travelling. It helps me feel settled into hotels, creating positive energy in the room with a feeling of comfort and familiarity. At night I spray my son with Celestial, who enjoys it as it makes him feel nurtured and serene”. 

Madeleine Marie
Healer, Founder and Owner @ Crown Chakra

My favourite Myst is ... Lyrical Heart