Acacia ~ creates mindfulness; clears ancestral lines; engaging with the patterns of shifting

Aloe Vera ~ strengthens and purifies both mind and body; supportive and unifying

Angelica ~ establishes deep connection between spirit and matter; opens inner portals of soul-insight

Angels Trumpet ~ opens up visionary states of awareness; facilitates the process of ‘letting go’ of old patterns

Apothecary Rose ~ attune to the sacred; heart-opening; joy-bringing

Ashwaganda ~ optimizes physiological functions (adaptogen); aphrodisiac; soothes emotional body

Aster ~ removes feelings of isolation and frustration; enhances the sense of inspiration

Aztec Lily ~ liberates the womb Centre; native dance of the passionate feminine expression

Belladonna ~ greater acceptance and coherence of deeper Soul messages

Birch Tree ~ renewal and rejuvenation; wards off negativity; new beginnings

Blue Lily ~ enhances vision; induces a relaxing, euphoric sensation; mild aphrodisiac qualities

Brahmi ~ strengthens the immune system; deeply-supportive of healing processes related to emotions

Bromeliad ~ inner and outer balance; knowing when to be in the world and when to withdraw from it

Button Cactus ~ strengthens personal integrity; aligns with a higher order of internal authority

Cactus ~ Enhances and broadens perspective; teaches patience and persistence; enhances trust of intuition

Cactus Orchid ~ stimulants impetuous for necessary change; speaking your truth; boldly being seen and heard

Cattleya Orchid ~ increases spiritual receptivity; listening to and expressing spiritual truth; balances the breath and your sense of equilibrium

Cecilia Rose ~ brings equanimity to the spirit; restores joy and lightness to the being

Coconut Orchid ~ maintains wholeness; centralises energy and focus; encourages self-determination

Comfrey ~ encourages feelings of safety in the body; activates strong and courageous action during phases of growth

Crucifix Orchid ~ personal power; taking responsibility; positivity enhancement

Dream Herb ~ Lucid Dreaming and dream recall

Emerald (Slipper) Orchid ~ awakens the mind; opens awareness to higher energies; stimulates memory and reflection

Eyelash Orchid ~ increases mental alertness; reduces fatigue and stress levels

Fringed Lily ~ supports the frequency of graciousness; enhances loving kindness and service

Ginkgo Tree ~ reduces nervous anxiety and stress; enhances clarity of mind; increases pranic flow

Gotu Kola ~ enhances mental functions; longevity tonic; strengthens immunity and reduces stress

Green Rose ~ reduces feelings of fear and mistrust; enhances feelings of compassion and connection 

Gumbi Gumbi Tree ~ stimulates the immune system and circulatory systems; powerful detoxifier

Heart’s Ease ~ assists with the nervous and respiratory systems; invigorates the heart chakra

Hibiscus ~ improves moisture levels in the skin; rebuilds and strengthens hair follicles 

Horova ~ portal opener; communion with the spirit kingdoms

Iris ~ heightens inspiration within; engages the frequency of creativity; decreases procrastination

Laelia Orchid ~ increases feelings of playfulness; deepens connection to body; relieves stress

Leonotis ~ strengthens willpower; removes emotional pain; assists in heightening sense of purpose

Lilac Rose - sensing love at first sight; appreciating simple beauty; 

Lotus ~ represents spiritual transcendence; energetically uplifting; benefits immune and nervous systems

Louisiana Iris - Self actualisation and a paintbrush to the senses; expressing the fullness of your own colour palette

Mandrake ~ assists with grief and denial; enhances compassion; strengthens feelings of forgiveness

Mapacho - clearing/sealing the energy field; protection and balance; chaos into clarity; grounding; deepening the soul's relationship to spiritual teaching; adapts new notions of wisdom

Masdevalia Orchid ~ strengthens patience; enhances awareness of the Mystery within; enhances ability to adapt and live with grace

Mimosa - anchors the heart; the happiness herb; allows greater sensitivity; expands consciousness; creates sense of peace

Monkshood ~ removes fear of separation and isolation; assists in establishing emotional boundaries

Mugwort ~ navigating the flow of psychic Vision-questing; women's medicinal herb for support; peaceful meditation

Mushroom ~ awareness of your shadow nature; looking at your belief systems and ancestral truths; unveiling the mystery of archetypes within

Nigella Sativa ~ illuminates optimism; strengthens our resolve and restores our inner rhythm

Noble Orchid ~ tenderness and receptive love-listening; transmutes shadows of our past

Oriental Poppy ~ journey into the mysteries of creative visualization; increases telepathic skills; calls you back to your Soul

Pansy Orchid ~ brings out a carefree spirit; healing the emotional body; assisting the psyche in spiritual transition

Passionflower ~ promotes relaxation; strengthens a sense of dignity; enhances awareness of magic

Periwinkle ~ surrendering the past to integrate your wisdom

Pink Flannel ~ delight in the details. blessing of each moment; joy-filled and fertile foresight 

Pomegranate ~ powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant; reduces the signs of aging in the skin

Purple Lily ~ enhances feelings of gentleness; assists with opening channels of communication with one’s higher self

Queen flower ~ beautiful and intoxicating perfume presence; portal to higher realms

Rose ~ attune to the sacred; heart-opening; joy-bringing; passionate expression of true potential

Ruta ~  resolving old belief patterns; attracts good luck and success in projects; forgiveness 

Sage ~ dissolves illusion; creates emotional postural strength; releasing past memory

Sanscrit Rose - nourishing the language of the heart; hopefulness, self-preserving and nourishment

Selane Capsis - a herb for dreaming; assists dream recall and imagination 

Self Heal ~ regain belief in ability to be well and whole; restores inner commitment to restoration

Shedrake ~ mindful of subconscious patterning; exploring other dimensions

Sequoia Tree ~ grow into your highest potential; tap into divine masculine strength; grow your sense of community

Snake Vine ~ strengthens feelings of optimism, confidence, positivity and self-encouragement; transforming the past

Soaring Wings Rose - inspires the melody of your Spirit; unbinds trauma; instills fire in the compassionate heart

Spider Orchid ~ direct and courageous approach; decisiveness in resolution

Split-Rock ~ breaking through; lifting the veil of consciousness; quantum shifting reality

Sunflower ~ balances the energies of the third chakra; building confidence and courage through alignment with the fire element of the Sun; assists with healing both masculine and feminine archetypes 

Violet ~ assists with self-liberation energies; strengthens the harmonic of individualism through self-expression

Water Poppy ~ activates intuitive centres; strengthens the imagination; assists with dream navigation and clairvoyance

White Lily ~ purity of spirit; generates feelings of innocence and gratitude

Wisteria ~ increases comfort with sexuality and physical intimacy; healing through womb connection; connects 'macho male' with feminine essence

Yarrow ~ soothes the nervous system and relieves stress, repairs the fractured emotional body; self organising with regard to boundaries; dissolves emotional overwhelm

Zygo Orchid ~ connecting higher Chakras to source consciousness; deepens relationships with others