We take care to walk the lightest path with the greatest beauty. 

Capturing the grand design of Divinity~in~Nature, Pureheart Alchemy continues the Shamanic practice of bottling the energetic healing essence of the great teacher plants of the ages.

Pureheart Alchemy strives for excellence, to create the most beautiful and harmonious vehicles for experiencing the wisdom of the plants, with the lightest footprint possible on Mother Earth. 

From 'Seed to Scent', we lovingly grow our flower essence plants in our own garden, and each batch of Pureheart Alchemy creations are hand-crafted with care. In alignment with our values, we choose consciously at each stage of the journey, so that our plant creations are high in quality, purity and integrity.  


Pureheart Alchemy's Vision and Intention

Pureheart Alchemy's Intention is to assist men and women to centre within their own divine-heart essence and inspire them to embody the highest expression of their unique creative spirit through the nurturing energy of plants.

Pureheart Alchemy's Vision is also to create greater awareness and healing through the experience of reconnection to plants and with Mother Earth. Through educational and experiential workshops - and the loving vibration of our alchemical elements - we assist men and women to awaken again to their role as caretakers of our Earth - to once again be the Guardians of Gaia's Garden.


We contribute this vision through:

~ ALCHEMY | Pureheart Creations: since ancient times, wo/man has had an intrinsic relationship with plants. Our creations are an expression of our own journey to reWild ourselves back into the Heart of Nature. From Flower Essence Mysts to Plant Perfumes to Beauty, these powerful tools assist our fellow humans to recenter, reconnect and re-align with themselves through connection to the beauty and scent of plants. 


 ~ NATURE | Plant Science Workshops: learn about the healing relationship we have with Plants through our experiential presentations. From ancient Shamans to the latest science, plants are our allies, and they generously and constantly gift us... from basic physical needs to our spiritual awakening. It's time to start 'listening to' and re-aligning with the intelligence of our green brotherhood in order to help ourselves!


~ LOVE | Sound Healing Journeys:
 experience transformational healing through the powerful frequency-shifting modalities of sound and scent. We participate with a tribe of awakened, inspiring and heart-centred group of individuals who are aligned with healing many through the beauty and power of Plants.


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