Bee ~ symbol of love, royalty and power; inner growth and spiritual expansion; familial bonds of unified harmony

Cat ~ guardian of secret knowledge; transformation of perception; trust in Self; power over illusion

Dolphin ~ regal graciousness; pureness of heart and playfulness; bridging realms of reality

Dragonfly ~ messenger of the subconscious dreamworld; agent of change; symbol of deeper thoughts and visualisations; precision of decision

Elephant ~ remover of obstacles; symbol of strength, honour, stability and patience; advanced sensitivity and social 

Falcon ~ visionary of power, purpose and prophecy;  agile grace to achieve success; velocity of mental speed

Fire Serpent ~ primordial life force; renewal and intuition; achievement of loving harmony

Frog ~ renewal and rebirth; fertility and abundance; transformational and opportunities in metamorphous; life mysteries and magic

Horse ~  personal passion and strength; having balanced instincts; the flourishing of new energy; authentic expression of vitality; noble emblem of life-force

Hummingbird ~ energetic resourcefulness; eternal existence; persistence; hope and jubilation 

Jaguar ~ power to face one’s fears; vision into the heart; foreknowledge of the future; power in the service to valour

Lion ~ balance and sound judgment; inspiration through strength and wisdom; power and loyalty

Octopus ~ grounded energy; flexible, adaptable, agile, creative and intelligent; acceptance and regeneration

Owl ~ Ability to discern subtle mysteries; messenger of secrets; link between shadow and light; wisdom of silence

Pan, the Forest Gypsy ~ lover of sensual delights; creation, imagination and musical influence; direct communion with the natural world

Peacock ~ integrity and vibrancy; rejuvenation of self-esteem; kind-heartedness; good fortune; awakening into Love’s true colours

Rainbow Serpent ~ connection to the higher realms; symbol of secret knowledge and creation; assertive power

Raven ~ “right moment at the right time”; Introspection; Self-knowledge within the mysteries; rebirth 

Swan ~ dreaming the depths of Being; harmonious balance; connection to the elements; fluidity of creativity

Sea Turtle ~ symbol of fertility; importance of pacing ourselves and slowing down; wisdom of creation and the earth

Whale ~ Listening to our inner voice; in touch with reality; following your truth; understanding emotions 

Wolf ~ Value of intuiting; strong sense of community whilst holding individuality; connecting to oneself as Pathfinder, teacher, guide; intelligent and eloquent communicator