Pureheart Alchemy Essences are a blend of high frequency floral essences designed to shift negative energies and release blocks in your auric field -  inviting alignment with your highest potential ...


Blending at least 7 master teacher & species plants within each specifically blended formula, these flower medicines support the release of old emotional patterns, moving through cycles of change and evolution as you uptake new information. 

Plants are are incredibly adaptive organisms which is why they are powerful allies in supporting us as we transition through life.  Flower essences capture the subtle energetic blueprint of a plant which, when it meets our own auric energy field, causes a vibrations shift, changing us from the inside-out.  

Working with plants causes us to return to flow with natures' cycles and assisting us to find our unique expression. They invite us to bring ourselves back to presence - to stand once again in our power, peace and inner joy. 


Aligning essences to your needs

We have created our own 'essence map' to support your specific areas of healing with their associated chakras. Each essence contains flowers chosen through Adrian's intuitive process and relationship with the plants. These combinations have been designed to release blocks in your auric field relating to each chakra as well as awaken your inner guidance system through the messages of generous wisdom from our green brotherhood.

These essences can be taken internally as directed - or externally with essence drops placed on major chakra points such as the Crown (top of head), Heart (centre of chest), palms of the hands or bottom of the feet. 

NOTE: Caution should be taken during pregnancy - please seek advice from your health professional before use.


Our Pureheart Chakra Map includes the seven well known majpr chakras, with three additional minor ones. We were guided to include these extras for their energetic power to support the original seven. These include: 

* Soul Star ~ for guidance on our Soul Purpose and for a higher order of integration for each of us during this highly charged time on Earth, 

* Earth Star ~ for deep connection to Mother Gaia, connecting us to her crystaline grid and anchoring our frequency for powerful positive action in this 3D realm. 

* Higher Heart ~ is a beautiful energetic centre for translating our healed Heart Chakra into daily self care for stability and strength on our Souls mission

* Lastly we have two offerings for the Sacral Chakra. As the saying goes, "from one, becomes two". Moving upwards from the grounding of the Root Chakra, the Sacral Chakra is where the sexual energy divides and comes together again. Energetically we were guided to therefore offer two energetics here - one for the sensual aspect of this chakra and one for the creative aspects. As such we have partnered Intimacy Essence with Tantric Rose Myst and Creativity Essence with Rainbow Bridge Myst.  

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21 day Flower Dieta 

The most powerful way to heal and grow is to approach your life from different angles in the same direct in a consistent manner. We have found the most affective way to benefit from the plant energies and make shifts in our lives is to align with the idea of the practice of doing a shamanic 'plant dieta'. 

The aim is to 'diet' on a plant for 21 days in order to build the energies of those plants in your field for a considerable length of time for change to occur. Our full recommended dosage allows for you to take each essence 3 x day for 21 days. This is considered the 'goldilocks zone' for true change. Alternatively you may want to use them as single doses just when you need them - when you feel stressed, overwhelmed, upset or simply need to shift your energetic state. 



Amplify your Rituals 

Additionally may choose to work with the matching Myst that goes with your essence. Aligning your daily rituals with medicine tools which both activate your inner and outer worlds is a powerful combination for shifting your energy field. 
Our Charka Kits offer you an opportunity to spray the flower essences into your auric field, take a concentrated essence internally and work with a Ritual Guide to support you through this process of healing and awakening.  This combination of oils, essences and ritual offer you a range of plant energies to invite deeper changes in your mental, emotional and physical bodies. 
We will send you our Ritual Guide complimentary via email when you order both Essence & Myst together. We also offer you suggestions for specific actions you can do in your everyday life to to enhance the impact of the essences in the area of your life you are focusing on. 


Pureheart Alchemy Essence/Myst duos

- calm your emotions

- raise your frequency

- stabilise an overactive mind

- presence you to the moment

- release nervous tension and anxiety

- shift your energetic 'state' in a second

- open your chakras for deeper meditation

- deliver the Cosmic information of plants

- connect you with your Higher Self

- remove energetic attachments

- ground and centre your body 




How to choose an essence 

Your intuition is your best guide so trust the signs your body presents. Scan the label and let your Spiritual Intelligence guide you with:

~ a visual attraction to the Activating Image
~ a resonance with the Archetypal Name
~ a desire for the Character Attribute
~ an affinity with the Totem
~ a calling to a flower
~ or email us for guidance!