Since the moment they connected, Adrian and Izabella have had a magical journey together. From meeting in a Rose garden ~ to sliding down Tahitian mountains, wild Orchids in hand! ~ to journeys into Sacred landscapes, within and upon this magnificent garden landscape.
Pureheart continues to be a creative collaboration between Adrian, Izabella, the plants they play with and the people they meet. The dream of Pureheart Alchemy evolving into a world reaching organisation, to share the magic of plants, is slowly unfolding. All the while they relish the simple things, such as the beauty of a bee... gracing a rose... in their garden sanctuary. 


 pureheart alchemy portraits Adrian Anteros

Anteros portrait painted by Izabella Floret

Adrian Anteros, Pureheart Alchemy Founder and Creator, has travelled the world engaging with Plant Shamans
"I have been communicating with the Fragrance and Frequency of Plant-Spirit beings, and sharing the messages and gifts of Omni-Science in Nature, for most of my life. Having engaged in ceremony with Peruvian, African and other  indigenous Plant Shamans, I feel my service to humanity is in the role of a Botanical Geomatrician. I open to allow Nature’s brilliant Source Energy to flow through me, charging my perception for deeper knowing of the human cosmic design. This, in turn, allows for me to make available to my brothers and sisters the intelligent codes and alchemical modalities which activate the optimum expansive experience: to love who you are through the embrace of Gaia’s Garden.
"I align with the Shamanic practice of engaging (and relating with) Nature’s Spirit Devas and Elementals, unveiling their Clairaudient lyrical voice.  I am intuitively guided to seek out the teacher plants from different landscapes from around the world which have sung their song to indigenous cultures for centuries. Each unique plant in the Myst collection expresses its own distinctive signature and Divine character. When these plants are brought together in a fusion of conscious potency, they bond as a pantheon of elemental strength, delivering inspirational messages that today’s generations need to hear. This is the vision which I am compelled to capture alchemically through our Pureheart Alchemy creations."


pureheart alchemy portraits Izabella Floret

Self Portrait painted by Izabella Floret 

Izabella Floret, Pureheart Alchemy Artist and Co-creator, has a close affinity to the tree beings
"I have been deeply connected to nature since childhood. As an artist, painter, designer and photographer, I've been captivated by the changing scenery and cycles in nature's form. Additionally I was drawn to study the health, energetics and medicinal value of plants, with their ability to nurture and balance.. Motivated by questions on the keys to vitality, I invested years of exploration and broad study into the foundational practices which create health through living close to nature. In parallel I have been passionately journeying into the big questions of life, involving the world of Philosophy and Spirit...
"After decades of researching and adventuring far and wide, Spirit continued to deepen my soulful relationship with nature.... through meeting Adrian, and his beautiful flower-essence creations, I was guided on a gentle and profound journey into the subtler energetics of plants. Since partnering with Adrian, and Pureheart Alchemy, I have experienced a profound 'meeting' of the spirit of plants. This empowering doorway has led me to the opportunity to collaborate on a diverse range of beautiful and spiritual creations with others. I feel blessed to be able to assist people, through the sharing of my knowledge and wisdom, and in offering them guidance into the healing arms of nature - a healing playground with which we joyfully engage in every day."


Photo from Water Ceremony, graciously held by Velan, Adya and Devani. Mandala artwork by Devani Caden.