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Welcome to Pureheart Alchemy

We are here to support humanity by awakening consciousness through Plants. We have a deep connection to the innate intelligence of our 'green brotherhood', and intimately feel their desire to work with us to offer us beauty, information, vibration and healing.

We offer various alchemical creations (including Mysts, Essences and Sacred Oils) with the aim of healing through beauty, raising frequency, creating awareness through Ritual and offering educational and experiential events which create community and explore human consciousness through the healing power of plants. 


"The Mysts are beyond words in the level of love and care that go into each one...

"After working with over 3 million people and traveling the world giving seminars on transformation, I have learned that the power of taste and smell bypasses logic straight to the heart of us as human beings. These mysts are a major supporting tool for the transformation of any space, feelings, and immediate connection to the sweetness of mother earth. The Mysts are beyond words in the level of love and care that go into each one. Carefully crafted to support the experience of the user. They are a transformational tool in themselves to support people in the journey into the amazing world that lies within each of us.  Hands-down an amazing piece of art in each bottle. If you love transformational work, or just love the smell of bliss, you will love these tools."

Jeffrey Slayter
Bestselling Author, Entrepreneur, Speaker

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Our Vision

Pureheart Foundation (Pureheart Alchemy) is a Community Based Non-Government Organisation, which aims to create awareness and healing through humanity's sacred relationship with Plants. Pureheart Foundation offers educational events and healing products, designed to awaken spiritual consciousness, improve wellbeing and create connection within community. Pureheart Foundation is focused on creating awareness around the healing power of Plants, the benefits of Biodynamic Gardening and to encourage awareness through Sacred Ritual - supporting greater health, wellbeing and consciousness. 

Pureheart Foundation is also planning to roll out initiatives that direct contributions to the creation of a Pureheart Garden Sanctuary where community can come together to share with each other and learn from other like-minded teachers who raise awareness and  inspire vitality. 

We seek to assist our brothers and sisters by empowering them to create awareness for themselves regarding their sovereign spirituality and greater wellbeing, for the greater good of humankind.