Acacia honey ~ calms the emotional body; soothes anger and irritability; assists with dream activation and language of symbols

Amyris Wood ~ uplifts spirit, calms mind; releases anxiety; stimulates creativity; regenerates skin, slows aging

Apricot ~ relieves stress; encourages balance; increases energy flow; releases emotional disharmony

Basil ~ awakens clarity of thought; steadies the nerves; assists the respiratory system

Bergamot ~ increases confidence; calms the nerves; cleanses and purifies

Black Pepper ~ stimulates the kidneys; increases circulation; calms nervous system; amplifies co-ingredients 

Blood Orange ~ improving cognitive function; alleviates anxiety; maintain healthy skin

Blue Lily ~ opens 3rd eye; meditation aid; aphrodisiac, creates bliss states; dispels negative emotions

Blue Tansy ~ relieves symptoms of reactivity and tension; harmonizes and calms mental activities

Buddha Wood ~ grounding and purifying; used in sacred ceremonies and personally to clear energy fields; 

Cape Rose Geranium ~ stimulates the adrenal cortex; balances nervous system; relieves anxiety

Cape Verbena - emotionally uplifting; aphrodisiac; creates balance; soothing and refreshing to parasympathetic nerve

Cardamon ~ stimulant, restores vitality; creates versatility and personal resourcing

Cedarwood ~ calms and balances energy; promotes meditative states; reduces nervous tension

Chamico ~ calms nervous system; alleviates anxiety and insomnia; aphrodisiac 

Chamomile ~ emotional calmative, aids insomnia and relaxed sleep cycles            

Cherry ~ evokes pleasant digesting ideas, lightening the heart

Chocolate ~ opens the heart chakra; reduces stress and anxiety; aphrodisiac qualities

Cinnamon ~ overcoming self-limiting beliefs; releases anger

Clary Sage ~ antidepressant; aphrodisiac; balancing women's hormones

Clementine ~ uplifts mood; promotes better sleep; rejuvenating; normalises heartbeat

Clove Bud ~ assists with respiration; relieves aches and pains; digestive aid

Coffee ~ energizing and invigorating; aromatic connection to earth; potentiator of other elements

Coriander ~ eases mind; fights fatigue; warms the digestive system; detoxifies the body

Cypress ~ assists in transition and release, warming and comfort

Elemi ~ boosts immunity; relieves stress; brings balance to emotions;  skin tonic

Eucalyptus ~ supports respiratory system; relieves stiffness in the body; uplifting for the mind  

Fir Needle ~ relieves mental, physical and sexual fatigue; assists with respiratory health

Frankincense ~ soothes the mind in regards to obsessive thoughts; mental peace; healthy cells 

Geranium Bourbon ~ stabilises emotions; balances body and mind; adaptogen for stress

Ginger ~ energizing; aphrodisiac qualities; warming sensation; reduces feelings of loneliness

Grapefruit ~ eases stress and anxiety issues; mentally uplifting; enlivens the senses

Hazelnut ~ protects the skin; anti-bacterial; anti-inflammatory; helps with respiratory disorders

Ho Wood ~ soothing; anti-depressant; emotionally uplifting, calming to mind; aphrodisiac

Honey ~ warming and invigorating; the harmonic of “spiritual delight”

Honey Myrtle ~ uplifting; calming; assists concentration; calms children; aids happiness; clear mental focus

Honey Suckle ~ lowers stress; antioxidant; balances blood sugar; boosts mood; rejuvenating to skin

Hydecheium ~ calming on the nervous system; tonic; anti-nausea; anti-inflammatory

Jamarosa Root ~ anti-inflammatory; skin tonic; antiseptic properties

Jasmine - frees one from addictions; sleep aid; antidepressant; uplifts mood, clears mind; hormone balancer

Juniper Berry ~ clearing in meditation; eliminates false expectation

Kanuka - relationships; creation of energy; unconditional love; creating perspective and balance; transformative

Kiwifruit ~ enlivening aroma; luxuriates the senses with an uplifting frequency

Labdanum – relieves stress and congestion; cellular protective; has an arousing affect

Laurel Berry ~ sacred use for clearing energies; removes impurities; promotes health; relieves pain in joints

Lavender ~ soothing and calming; relieves tension; reduces symptoms of nervous exhaustion

Lemon ~ cleansing and purifying; supports the nervous system; detoxifying

Lime ~ opens personal power and improves concentration

Lovage ~ attune to the sacred; heart-opening; joy-bringing 

Mandarine ~ stomach tonic; respiratory aid; boost overall immune system; relieves stress

Manuka - calms highly sensitive nervous systems; protects and balances; heals skin; anti-fungal

Melissa Leaf – reduces insomnia, anxiety, hypertension; increases mental clarity

Myrrh ~ sacred oil; wound healer; stimulates hypothalamus/pituatory/amigdala; aids respiratory, digestive, immunity

Nagchampa ~ calming; dispels stress; opens meditative states; anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory; stimulates immunity 

Neroli - calmative; emollient; tonic; brings joy and peace; access to feminine; brings sweetness and gentleness

Nutmeg ~ improves cognition; reduces pains; supports liver & kidneys; heart tonic; balances hromones

Oak Moss ~ comforting and steadying; restorative; releases fear of dependency; move to a geological clock 

Orange ~ relieves stress; brings radiant warmth to the mind; strengthens the immune system

Palmarosa - digestive; hydrating; uplifts and clears muddied thinking; counters physical and nervous exhaustion

Palo Santo ~ cleanses negative energies; boosts immune system; grounding properties

Patchouli ~ boosts energy and immune system; balances nervous system; relieves anxiety 

Peppermint ~ improves mental clarity; assists with digestion and respiratory functions

Peru Balsam ~ anointing dream-work oil; soothes against emotional excess

Pink Lotus – increases mental agility; soothes skin and hair; relaxes body for meditation

Ravensara ~ clears the mind for deeper listening; evokes the sensations of hope

Rose ~ attune to the sacred; heart-opening; joy-bringing

Rose Geranium ~ relieves depression and anxiety; balances the nervous and lymphatic systems 

Rose Otto ~ soothes and harmonizes the mind; balances the mood; alleviates symptoms of negative thoughts

Rosewood ~ emotional stability; empowerment; enhances capacity for compassion

Sage ~ uplifts the spirit; combats mental fatigue; strengthens the senses

Sandalwood ~ calms and harmonizes; reduces tension and confusion

Spearmint ~ stimulating, uplifts the mind; restorative; relieves stress and headaches; clears respiratory tract

Spruce ~ balancing the mood; euphoric and uplifting; heart expansion

Tangerine ~ improves circulation; soothes nervous system; relieves stress

Vanilla ~ relaxing sedative; aphrodisiac; anti-depressant

Vetiver - supports relief from insomnia; grounding; activates personal power; enhances libido and awakens sexual desire

Violet Leaf ~ heals the throat chakra; symbolizes faithfulness; frequency of expression

White Grapefruit ~ eases stress and anxiety issues; mentally uplifting; enlivens the senses

Wild Orange ~ mild aphrodisiac; endocrine system regulation; anti-inflammatory

Yarrow ~ improves the circulation system; relieves stress, hypertension and insomnia

Ylang Ylang ~ calming and sedative; harmonizes energies; anti-inflammatory