Empower Essence ~ Solar Plexus Chakra


'Empower' your path to Higher Health....

This high frequency Flower Essence blend supports the powering up of our Solar Plexus Chakra. The Manipura Chakra is associated with power, expansiveness, growth and our ability to manage challenges in our lives. The key issues that arise from an inbalanced Solar Plexus chakra are stress, fear, anxiety and introversion. Empower Essence includes flower essences to grow through fear and worry and expand into your true power to express yourself into the world.   
  • Sunflower - balances the energies of the third chakra; building confidence and courage through alignment with the fire element of the Sun
  • Button Cactus - strengthens personal integrity; aligns with a higher order of internal authority
  • Crucifix Orchid - personal power; taking responsibility; positivity enhancement
  • Water Poppy - activates intuitive centres; strengthens the imagination; assists with dream navigation and clairvoyance
  • Calendula - amplifies the radiant light within; supports confidence in self for adaptability and unique expression into the world; builds willpower
  • Sage - dissolves illusion; creates emotional strength; releasing past memory
  • Mapacho - clearing/sealing the energy field; protection and balance; chaos into clarity; grounding; adapts new notions of wisdom

Suggestions We take 7 drops of Empower Essence and place 1 drop on the belly, powering up our breath-work sessions at the start of our day and expand our field

We ❤️ Empower Essence to uplift our energies when we're feeling low, staying strong in our power centre for a flexible response to whatever life offers

❤️❤️❤️ Empower Essence is an 'energetic match' to Solar Gold Myst

CHOOSE  Solar Gold Myst + Empower Essence together, and receive our complimentary EMPOWER RITUAL GUIDE to support Solar Plexus Chakra activation ($11 Value) 


Love, Biodynamic Flower Essences in Wild Spring Water, Gemstone Essences, Organic Vodka, 24K Gold Ormus

Flower Essences
Sunflower ~ Button Cactus ~ Crucifix Orchid ~ Water Poppy ~ Calendula ~ Sage ~ Mapacho

Gemstone Essences
Citrine ~ Amber


* NOTE: there is no plant material in this essence.

* NOTE: Caution should be used during pregnancy - please seek advice from your health professional before use of flower essences 

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