Clarity Essence ~ Soul Star Chakra


'Clarify' your way to Higher Health....

The Flower Essence in this high frequency blend taps into the guidance from your soul purpose awareness. 
This combination of flowers support a surrendering to the celestial forces, beyond the physical, into trust with your divine spark - your ancient Soul. Transmuting outdated patterns of past lifetimes and orienting oneself with the bigger picture, this blend assists in clearing karmic residue to awaken and receive your inherent soul gifts for this lifetime. An imbalanced Soul star chakra can lead to no connection to higher awareness and constantly apologising for ourselves - or the opposite - a Messiah complex. Balancing the Vyapini Chakra allows us to be led by our unique Soul mission and transcend worldly challenges.

  • Rose Rugosa - connecting to heart through present moment awareness; inspires hope 
  • Angels Trumpet - opens up visionary states of awareness; facilitates the process of ‘letting go’ of old patterns
  • Angelica - establishes deep connection between spirit and matter; opens inner portals of soul-insight
  • Pansy Orchid - brings out a carefree spirit; healing the emotional body; assisting the psyche in spiritual transition
  • Tobacco - sealing the energy field; protection and balance; chaos into clarity; grounding; deepening the soul's relationship to spiritual teaching
  • Snake Vine -  strengthens feelings of optimism, confidence, positivity and self-encouragement; transforming the past

Suggestions Take 7 drops of Clarity Essence on arising or whenever you feel to connect with your spirit awareness during the day. Can also place 1 drop on Crown or in diffuser before meditation to support connection with Vyapini Chakra.

We ❤️ Clarity Essence when we need to actively reconnect to our soul for guidance - particularly as a deita for 21 days to align with our higher purpose when we feel off track. 

❤️❤️❤️ Clarity Essence is an 'energetic match' to Perception Myst

CHOOSE  Perception Myst + Clarity Essence together to receive our complimentary CLARITY RITUAL GUIDE to support Soul Star Chakra activation ($11 Value) 


Love, Biodynamic Flower Essences in Wild Spring Water, Gemstone Essences, Organic Vodka, 24K Gold Ormus

Flower Essences
Rose Rugosa ~ Angel's Trumpet ~ Angelica ~ Pansy Orchid ~ Tobacco ~ Snake Vine

Gemstone Essences
Apophyllite ~  Prophecy Stone


* NOTE: there is no plant material in this essence.

* NOTE: Caution should be used during pregnancy - please seek advice from your health professional before use of flower essences 

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