Meditation Trio


Opening our inner-sightfulness to listen to our intuitive self, these Mysts assist you to evolve through higher realms of Love. Feeling the stillness and grace within, our Soul's inner-flower blooms to reveal the jewel of our true nature. 


  • 'Intuition' to deepen the rhythms of our inner knowing 
  • TOTEM ~ Swan, effortlessly graces us into dreaming the deoths of Being  
  • SCENT ~ fruity fresh and light, with a sweet touch of apricot and lavender


  • 'Love' of the highest realms of awarenss, unifying with the stillness of Love
  • TOTEM ~ Peacock, shows us how to awaken into Love's true colours 
  • SCENT ~ soft rose scent leading to deep mossy notes 
  • 'Inspiration' to invite mystery in with Fiery enthusiasm 
  • TOTEM ~ Lion, invokes inspiration throguh strength adn wisdom. 
  • SCENT ~ warm, spicy, woody scent with smooth notes of Chamomile and Neroli

3 x 100mls 

* NOTE: Caution should be used during pregnancy - please seek advice from your health professional before use of essential oils

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