Abundance Trio


These Mysts fill your body and being with a delicious sense of liquid Gold energy.  Drink in the nectar of abundance and soak in fertile waters to maximise your attractor-factor.  


  • 'Abundance' and enthusiasm, charging your vital forces with energy 
  • TOTEM ~ Frog represents fertility, renewal and rebirth  
  • SCENT ~ fresh and slightly sweet, with uplifting tones of Jasmine


  • 'Self Worth' and releasing us into our Soul's magnificence
  • TOTEM ~ Dragonfly, the dream agent of change, master of direction and accuracy 
  • SCENT ~ fresh scent of a waterfall in a citrus forest  

Solar Gold 

  • 'Empowerment', building willpower with our Sacred 'Sol' Centre
  • TOTEM ~ Bee, inner growth and spiritual regeneration, creator of nature's 'liquid Gold' 
  • SCENT ~ warm citrus mandarine scents ...  this myst is 'sunshine in a bottle'

3 x 100mls

NOTE: Caution should be used during pregnancy - please seek advice from your health professional before use of essential oils

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