Best Sellers Trio


One word: DELICIOUS! 
Each of these fresh and clearing scents open the field and when sprayed, simply make you feel good all over. Two well-loved classics, plus our newest - Lemurian - an instant new favourite! Wherever we share these people always want more! 

Sacred Sage

  • 'Wisdom' of stillness, the cleansing myst of spirit and space - a 'smokeless smudge'
  • TOTEM ~ Owl has ability to discern the subtle mysteries and link us from shadow into light 
  • SCENT ~ fresh scent of a pine forest with a deep woody finish 

Solar Gold

  • 'Empowerment', building willpower with our Sacred 'Sol' Centre
  • TOTEM ~ Bee represents inner growth and spiritual regeneration, creating honey, nature's 'liquid Gold' 
  • SCENT ~ warming honey notes and freshness of Mandarine - the scent of summer  


  • 'Alignment' to our soft fertile waters - the myst of the Cosmic Egg
  • TOTEM ~ Sea Turtle invokes innocence and patience to slow down and feel deeply 
  • SCENT ~ Crispness and freshness of an ocean-spray, finishing with soft spicy notes

3 x 100mls 

* NOTE: Caution should be used during pregnancy - please seek advice from your health professional before use of essential oils

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