Healing Trio


This collection assists us to clear, heal and protect our field in times of crisis and fragility. Center and reconnect to your own innate wisdom and support yourself from the strength within. 


  • 'Support' for the system, a salve of comfort in tender transitioning 
  • TOTEM ~ Elephant offers strength, stability, patience and sensitivity  
  • SCENT ~ Soft floral notes, this myst is a soothing balm of calm

Sacred Sage  

  • 'Wisdom' of stillness, the cleansing myst of spirit and space - a 'smokeless smudge'
  • TOTEM ~ Owl has ability to discern the subtle mysteries and link us from shadow into light 
  • SCENT ~ fresh scent of a pine forest with a deep woody finish


  • 'Strength' and protection from within. this is the gentle~breath of the warrior's heart
  • TOTEM ~ Horse, is a noble emblem of life-force, vitality and energy
  • SCENT ~ soft sweet grass aroma with deep notes of pepper and moss 

3 x 100mls

* NOTE: Caution should be used during pregnancy - please seek advice from your health professional before use of essential oils

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