Divine Masculine Trio


Mysts to enhance your inner focus and be grounded in your unmovable strength. Accessing the power of the Divine Masculine, whether you are in Male or Female form. 


  • 'Courage' to embrace change with a Fire-Belly of Confidence 
  • TOTEM ~ Jaguar helps us stalk our fears and stealthfully move beyond them  
  • SCENT ~ warm and spicy body of clove and cinnamon with fresh citrus hints 


  • 'Dreams' are accessed via grounding first. This is the Myst of the Divine Masculine 
  • TOTEM ~ Raven, explores the deep mysteries of our psyche and the shadow aspect of ourselves 
  • SCENT ~ deep earthy flavours of the soil, with grounding scents of tobacco and cedar


  • 'Clarity' to incite discernment of our highest potential
  • TOTEM ~ Falcon, pierces through the veil of illusion and focus on our goals
  • SCENT ~ light and citrus fresh with nutty mid notes

3 x 100mls

* NOTE: Caution should be used during pregnancy - please seek advice from your health professional before use of essential oils

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