Pan's Garden Trio


These three Mysts are about reWilding and reAwakening our intuitive self - opening to our sensual relationship with nature. Communing and communicating with all fields and receiving the message of spirit through our green brotherhood.


  • 'Sensuality' and engaging with the Sacred Language of plants 
  • TOTEM ~ Pan the forest gypsy, is the archetype for communication with Gaia and all her divas  
  • SCENT ~ the fresh and sweet green scent of the morning dew of a forest floor


  • 'Relationships' and tasting the sweetness of our dynamic passion
  • TOTEM ~ Hummingbird, flies with the high frequency of resourcefulness and persistence 
  • SCENT ~ warm citrus and floral notes, followed by deep grounding nutty flavours 


  • 'Communication' and trusting the instincts of our co-creativity, connecting to the tree beings 
  • TOTEM ~ Wolf, values their own inner voice, an intelligent pathfinder with sensitivity to community 
  • SCENT ~ Soft and grounding flavours with a lingering touch of delicious coffee 

3 x 100mls

* NOTE: Caution should be used during pregnancy - please seek advice from your health professional before use of essential oils

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