Shamanic Trio


Clearing our past, dreaming creatively into our future self and embracing the abundance of our Spirit, assist us to dive deep. When we travel into the unknown to heal and evolve, we need potent tools to support our journey within. This combination is a Pureheart favourite!   

Sacred Sage  

  • 'Wisdom' of stillness, the cleansing myst of spirit and space - a 'smokeless smudge'
  • TOTEM ~ Owl, has ability to discern the subtle mysteries and link us from shadow into the light 
  • SCENT ~ fresh scent of a pine forest with a deep woody finish 


  • 'Abundance' and enthusiam, charging your vital forces with energy 
  • TOTEM ~ Frog, represents fertility, renewal and rebirth  
  • SCENT ~ fresh and slightly sweet, with uplifting tones of jasmine 

Rainbow Bridge  

  • 'Creativity' and artfully expressing our indigenous identity
  • TOTEM ~ Rainbow Serpent, allows us to connect to higher realms  
  • SCENT ~ fresh and warm floral scents, sensual with a hint of coffee

3 x 100mls 

* NOTE: Caution should be used during pregnancy - please seek advice from your health professional before use of essential oils

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