Love Essence ~ Heart Chakra


'Love' your way to Higher Health....

This love-frequency Flower Essence blend supports the opening up of your Heart Chakra, the seat of your Soul Essence.This love blend holds the sacred vibration of 7 Ritual Roses along with select flower essences to support and nourish the heart chakra
The Anupura Chakra is associated with giving and receiving unconditional love, and spiritual inspiration to move from the self, to others, to the Divine. Encourage the natural flow of energy to fill your Sacred Chalice, opening to universal love, peace and personal healing within this sacred vortex of the heart.
  • 7 Sacred Roses - Cecelia, Quatre Saisons, Sanskrit, Soaring Wings, Lilac, Green and Apothecary Rose. This abundance of the most revered of all flowers, the Rose, supports an unfurling into the portal of Divine Love through our heart, whilst offering us energetic protection.
  • Emerald Orchid - opens awareness to higher energies and connects these fields to our heart
  • Louisiana Iris ~ self actualisation and a paintbrush to the senses; expressing the fullness of your own colour palette
  • Mistletoe ~ increases resilience and sense of peace; mentally to new situations; removes toxic imprints
  • Begonia - holds the frequency of the phi spiral, inviting us into the sacred depths of the heart frequencies
  • Sage - dissolves illusion; creates emotional strength; releases past memory
  • Elderflower ~ revitalises youthfulness; dissolves congested emotions

Suggestions We take 7 drops of Love Essence and a drop on our Heart Chakra when we are feeling disconnection from our heart centre or when we need to support the feeling of love between us and others

We ❤️ Love Essence anytime we are feeling out of alignment with our heart, in times of stress and when we need to recenter into the experience of love and flow

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Love, Biodynamic Flower Essences in Wild Spring Water, Gemstone Essences, Organic Vodka, 24K Gold Ormus

Flower Essences
Sunflower ~ Button Cactus ~ Crucifix Orchid ~ Water Poppy ~ Calendula ~ Sage ~ Mapacho

Gemstone Essences
Malachite ~ Green Jade


* NOTE: there is no plant material in this essence 

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