Self Love Essence ~ Higher Heart Chakra


'Love' your self to Higher Health....

This self love Flower Essence blend enhances self acceptance and self care to generate Self Love. Working with soothing and virtuous flowers such as Hearts Ease, Lilac Rose and Noble Orchid, this gateway formula tenderly opens the High Heart, assisting us in releasing, transmuting and recasting our past.
The High Heart Chakra focuses on forgiveness and healing through compassion. This Chakra - also known as the Thymus Chakra - governs our Immune system, inviting us to step into self care rituals. Self Love essence supports a connection between the physical body and spirit, calling you to your Soul centre, accessing your joyful, playful self.

  • Lilac Rose - sensing love at first sight; appreciating simple beauty; 
  • Angelica - establishes deep connection between spirit and matter; opens inner portals of soul-insight
  • Hearts Ease - assists in soothing the nervous and respiratory systems; invigorates the heart chakra
  • Noble Orchid - tenderness and receptive love-listening; transmutes shadows of our past
  • California Poppy - journey into the mysteries of creative visualization; increases telepathic skills; calls you back to your Soul
  • Monkshood - assists with grief and denial; enhances compassion; strengthens feelings of forgiveness
  • Sage - dissolves illusion; creates emotional strength; releases past memory


Suggestions We take 7 drops of Love Essence and 1 drop on the Heart Chakra daily to stay connected to heart radiance.  

We ❤️ Self Love Essence in the morning to start the day in the art of self care, reminding ourselves to slow down and look after ourselves first.

❤️❤️❤️ Self Love Essence is an 'energetic match' to Celestial Myst

CHOOSE  Celestial Myst + Self Love Essence together, and receive our complimentary SELF LOVE RITUAL GUIDE to support Higher Heart Chakra activation ($11 Value)



Love, Biodynamic Flower Essences in Wild Spring Water, Gemstone Essences, Organic Vodka, 24K Gold Ormus

Flower Essences
Angelica - Lilac Rose - Noble Orchid - Hearts Ease - Monkshood - California Poppy - Sage

Gemstone Essences
Rose Quartz ~ Green Tourmaline ~ Tanzanite


* NOTE: there is no plant material in this essence 

* NOTE: Caution should be used during pregnancy - please seek advice from your health professional before use of flower essences

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