Soulflame ~ Firing the Furnace of Inner Optimism


Soulflame encourages contagious enthusiasm to pursue the desires that steer us towards possibilities which generate an Abundance of Good Fortune. This Myst burns away past patterns of dysfunction and balances the six energetic directions of the human masterpiece, transforming one's prayers into Medicine Magic.


  • Activating the body’s regenerative energies and charge vital creative forces
  • Charges your Vital Wealth-Creative forces
  • Holds your Majestic Figure of Divinity up to the Light of your Awareness
  • Assists in the Soulflame discovery of techniques and new resources for personal fulfillment
  • Using Sacred Art and Ritual Engagements to open up one's channels of internal influence 


  • Renewal and rebirth
  • Fertility and abundance
  • Transformational and opportunites in metamorphous
  • Life mysteries and magic

SCENT ~  fresh and slightly sweet, with uplifting tones of Jasmine, stokes the burning chalice within the Wild-Heart centre.

We ❤️ Soulflame on Shamanic journeys. This Myst holds the subtle power of transformation and abundance, and we spray it before, during and after our journeys with spirit to hold steady, the golden-heart-ray within.


Love, Wild Spring Water, Biodynamic Flower and Gemstone Essences, Organic Vodka, Organic Solubiliser (Coconut and Almond), Essential Oils, 24K Gold Ormus, Potentiated Crystals

Flower Essences
Masdevalia Orchid ~ Laelia Orchid ~ Acacia ~ Cactus 

Essential Oils
Spruce ~ Palmarosa~ Lime ~ Clary Sage ~ Ylang Ylang ~ Tangerine ~ Rosewood ~ Frankincense - Benzoin


* NOTE: Caution should be used during pregnancy - please seek advice from your health professional before use of essential oils 

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