Tantric Rose ~ Merging our Sacred Sanctum with Purity


Tantric Rose is a chocolate love kiss in a bottle! It opens the Love Channels, and bathes us in new experiences of subtle sensitivities and sensations. This chocolate aromatic scent channels the Tantric marriage of Mother-form and Father-consciousness and merges energies with an enhanced intimacy. Tantric Rose encourages dialogue with others and is a beautiful myst for a romantic encounter with another or simply connecting deeper within one's own intimacy of self love. 


  • Bridging between female and male flowering Consciousness
  • Deepening the flame-union of natural pure intimacy
  • Arousal in the expansive space of non-Dualistic Oneness
  • Relaxes oneself into the freedom borne of natural, circular fullness
  • Expresses the Heart-Mind ecstasy of our inner harpsichord  


  • Primordial life force
  • Renewal and intuition
  • Achievement of loving harmony 

SCENT ~ a chocolate-Rose indulgence encouraging us to explore the language of the Sacred - and the sensual - with a smooth vanilla afterglow. Love in a bottle!

We ❤️ the chocolate-rose Bliss-Kiss that is Tantric Rose. We spray a room to create an aroma of indulgence... or overhead for an instant romantic mistletoe-moment!

We ❤️ it as a chocolate hit... to help resist those cravings when we'd rather not indulge in the sweet stuff. With 70% of our taste buds in our nose, this works surprisingly well to satisfy the cacao-crave. 

CHOOSE Tantric Rose Myst + Intimacy Essence together, and receive our complimentary LOVE RITUAL GUIDE to support Heart Chakra activation ($11 Value)


Love, Wild Spring Water, Biodynamic Flower and Gemstone Essences, Organic Vodka, Organic Solubiliser (Coconut and Almond), Essential Oils, 24K Gold Ormus, Potentiated Crystals

Flower Essences
Passionflower ~ Apothecary Rose ~ Fringed Lily ~ Sage 

Essential Oils
Myrrh ~ Rose ~ Hyssop ~ Chocolate ~ Frankincense ~ Patchouli ~ Neroli


* NOTE: Caution should be used during pregnancy - please seek advice from your health professional before use of essential oils

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