Divine Feminine Trio


Allowing access to our watery depths, this trio is filled with rich beauty and elegance. Sublime scents that soften and create balance, for the Sacred Feminine to glow from within.  

Wild Divine

  • 'Balance' and dive deep into the Sacred Mystery of the Divine Feminine 
  • TOTEM ~ Octopus offers the mutli-faceted depth of it's adaptable and flexible intelligence 
  • SCENT ~ deep and complex floral notes balanced with an earthy base

Lyrical Heart  

  • 'Freedom' to sing the poetic heart of our unique song in all it's range
  • TOTEM ~ Whale, singing our truth and listening to our inner voice 
  • SCENT ~ soft and feminine scent with gentle hints of vanilla and floral notes of rose   


  • 'Alignment' to our soft fertile waters - the myst of the Cosmic Egg
  • TOTEM ~ Sea Turtle, invokes innocence and patience to slow down and feel deeply 
  • SCENT ~ fresh ocean-spray scent finishing with soft spicy notes 

3 x 100mls

* NOTE: Caution should be used during pregnancy - please seek advice from your health professional before use of essential oils

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